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I’m Marc Behar and I’ve been passionate about video games since I was a kid.

I used to make little text-based dungeon games on my Amiga 500 a long time ago and my love for game development has been strong ever since.

After over a decade at a big video game company in a non-developer role, I leaped and start making my games. I’m currently working on a passion project called Drone Alone: a game that resonates with a period of life when I felt pulled from the routine of my life and the need to seek adventure.

About Helskor Games

In late 2018 I decided to make a huge career change and leave Blizzard and start working on my own games again. At that point, I was pretty familiar with Unreal Engine 4 and restarted a project of mine from 2014 about a lonely drone in space that is torn between its duties and finding out why it’s alone.

Drone Alone is what I’m working on right now, and every day is great. I’ve never felt this invigorated every single day to start working. This doesn’t mean I don’t have days that are frustrating, but that’s part of it and that feeling of either overcoming challenges or hitting a milestone is nothing I’ve ever felt before.

Drone Alone


You wake up in a familiar world but everyone is gone? Do you keep to your routine or investigate what happened to the others?

In Drone Alone, wake up from sleep mode as a mining drone in an asteroid field where all other humans and other drones have vanished.

In the distant future; collect ore, repair, and upgrade systems within your space station and on the drone. And if you want to go beyond your routine to seek answers to what happened to everyone else.

Drone Alone is a relaxing game in space asking players to decide if they want to stay within the boundaries of familiarity or go forth into the unknown.

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